Device FAQs

Once GPS is synced, the devices will transmit their position every 3 minutes. Network congestion and latency may delay updates.
The devices are accurate to within 3 meters (9 feet).
At the standard 3 minute update interval, a fully charged device will last 16+ hours.
Not yet. We will be opening up a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option very soon.
Yes! These devices operate on the TK-102 protocol and can be reconfigured by sending SMS messages to the device. You will need a SIM chip that supports SMS (text messages) as ours are data only.

Billing FAQs

Very little! At a 3 minute reporting interval, they will typically use 1,400 Bytes an hour, or 1.4KB every 10 hours, or 1.4MB every 100 hours.
You purchase credit (in Megabytes) and that credit is deducted as you use it. Full usage statics and charts are available in your dashboard area, along with estimated time left.
Sorry, no. Offering an unlimited plan would expose our system to abuse and expensive overage charges to our customers.
Yes, but we still require a $1 a month "keep alive" fee on the account. Our rates are extremely cheap compared to the cost of a monthly "line access" fee that most carriers charge.

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